Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's getting so she doesn't even shock me any more

We're trying to 'understand' Ann Coulter again.

Oh she's just hideous. More often than not, my blood will be boiling before I get to the end of a sentence about her. Earlier in the week, I though her 9/11 widows comments were indeed beyond the pale. She's racist, xenophobic, trigger happy and so many other bad things on top of that.

What really riles me are her assertions that on a gut level many people agree with what she's saying. I usually find at least some glimmer of understanding in extreme arguments, but with her the revulsion stops it being close to possible.

I think the best approach would be not to rise to the bait. But with the coverage her smallest remark enjoys, it would just raise her profile if she were the only one shouting.

Still, a good slap wouldn't go amiss.


Anonymous JA said...

"What really riles me are her assertions that on a gut level many people agree with what she's saying."

Not saying that I agree with her generally but I think she's right about this. From my minimal experience (deliberately becasue usually I try to avoid listening to sensationalist publicity seekers) of her it seems to me that what is she is saying isn't actually as controversial as the manner in which she chooses to say it.

Take her views on the Two Towers women. Yes the language is horribly overstated and vicious but her basic point is valid. It is the the case surely that these women are using their 'victim' status to help them pursue their objectives. They may be doing so for sincere and admirable purposes but it doesn't cahgne the baisc fact that their opinions would not belistened to with half as much interest if their husbands etc hadn't died in a terrorist outrage?

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